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Stolen Time – Chapter 17

At some point, I have felt terribly awkward for displaying a very rough first draft online( in semi-public). It was like going to a fancy dinner restaurant without putting a decent make-up.

Then I thought today, oh well, fuckit, I own the restaurant. ( without the fancy part :P)



Tony and Bernard spent Christmas with Liz and Philip in Cape Town. They owned a villa in Clifton, the most exclusive area in the province. While they stayed there, Bernard saw at least a handful of celebrities on the beach. It was surreal that he was staying with one of them as a family member.

Philip cooked a turkey and him and Tony made a cranberry pie. Liz was surprised at Tony presenting himself  in the kitchen at all. Apparently she never had seen him being domestic during the time they were together.

There was endless champagne, which they much enjoyed every drop. It was private and quiet as the last thing all of them wanted was some random tourist taking pictures of them and uploaded to internet or something. They stayed at the villa during the day, walked on the beach at nights. The water was too cold to swim in, unless you wore a wetsuit. That’s Cape Town for you, beautiful to look, viciously cold underneath.

It was weird, being treated as a couple. Naturally they were given one suite, nobody batted an eyelash at Tony constantly touching Bernard’s shoulders, nape, hands, hips, dangerously high on the thighs. Even though, Bernard was an out gay man, he never had been accustomed to public displays of affection.

They got married on the 3rd of January, in Tony’s penthouse living room, with Victor and Randy and Tony’s lawyer Leon witnessed. Leon flew out from the UK, gathered the documents for registration of their civil partnership in England. The marriage officer they hired proceeded the whole marriage ritual as the law required, in about fifteen minutes. But that doesn’t mean the oath of marriage any less meaningful. Taking the oath of marriage, signing on the marriage certificate, all said and signed, then they were lawfully wedded.

It was everything Bernard could possibly give to Tony, to anyone. Tony was officially, in any senses in any ways, his husband. And as much as he was to him.

“If you want, we can have another ceremony as grand as you wish.” Tony rubbed his palm with his thumb and whispered.

“No, it’s perfect.” Bernard hold his hand hard, swallowing the big lump forming in his throat. He looked down at the marriage certificate. His name was now Bernard van der Walt-McKnight. Suddenly he could let out a breath. Otherwise, the tears pulling up in his eyes would follow. So he just held it as long as possible without fainting.

He didn’t know until right that moment that the sense of belonging was something he had been longing for, that he had been lost all along, before Tony.

In his whole life, he had no parents, no place called home, no family of his own, no attachment to this planet. Nothing. But he had them all, Tony, now his undeniable husband, his mate, gave him them all.

Tony was his anchor to this world.



“Good morning Mr. McKnight.” Brendan beamed at Bernard as he entered the office in the morning.

“Would you please quite that? People will hear.” Bernard protested raising one eyebrow.

“I will think about it if you buy me lunch today? Oh, or you already have a plan with your newly wedded husband?” Brendan smirked. He looked awfully enthusiastic to tease Bernard.

“How long exactly are you planning to keep it up? I’m actually fine with that as long as you are careful not to do that in front of other people.”

Brendan flipped him off. “Lighten up Berney, I’m not that moron, you know. But how will you explain your lavish ring and the new wedding band on Tony’s finger? Ah! can’t leave out the car! Wow, that was something. I always wanted an Aston Martin for myself. From a City Golf to a DB9, you are not doing half bad Berny.”

Bernard sighed. Tony was such flamboyant in some ways. Cars, cloth, jewelry, that kind of things. He bought him a new car, Aston Martin DB9, which was as extravagant as it got. When he found out that Tony actually sold his VW City Golf, there was no choice left for Bernard but driving the mega sports car. It was better than going to work with Tony in the same car. When Bernard argued that the car was his, and Tony doesn’t have rights to sell his belonging without his consent, Tony actually scoffed -scoffed!- at Bernard and calmly informed that he belonged to Tony and the car belonged to him so, very logically the car belonged to Tony. Therefore, it was indeed Tony’s decision to make whatever to do with the car, and he saw selling and assigning a new car to Bernard fitted, so that was what happened.

As Tony long leashed him as he’d been, he could be a really arrogant bastards whenever he wanted.

And that was unbelievably hot.

Berny cleared his suddenly tightened throat.

“For the car, I really got to make a plan.” He shook his head. Car shopping, he made a mental note on his to-do list for this weekend. “But come on, who would think my ring is actually a real diamond? And Tony’s ring would raise some questions, but people are not that brave enough to ask to him directly about it, especially on that particular subject.” He had thought about the rings, but as he just said, nobody would connect his ring to Tony’s. Objectively, they didn’t make sense. “At least that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.” Bernard added a bit lacking in confidence.

“If you say so.” Brendan shrugged. “So, lunch?”

“No, Tony has a lunch meeting, and I have a meeting with Max, the architect.” And an appointment with the shrink. But Brendan didn’t need to know that.

He had been procrastinating to meet the doc. Finally, Tony felt he had to step in and made an appointment himself and informed Bernard. Of course with a dozen of blasting smack on the bum.

He had met Dr. Hendey before, about two years ago under Victor’s demand. Hendey was also into the lifestyle, a dom himself. They had five sessions in the past but not made any progress and surprisingly the doctor himself had called it off altogether, the sessions. He had said that he could only help people who acknowledged that they have issues.

Personally he didn’t have any problem with the doctor, but that didn’t mean necessarily the person was likeable, now did it? It was the way he looked at him. As if he knew exactly what was wrong and how to fix it. That kind of thing, could be incredibly hot in scenes, but he was not Bernard’s dom, nor Bernard wanted him to be one, hence, just annoyed Bernard thoroughly.

“I still can’t believe that Anthony McKnight, the pound-multimillionaire, will be living in that small cottage.” Brendan shook his head.

“Ya, I know.”

Bernard had thought about it a lot. He knew for a fact that one of his apartment in Paris was bigger than their new home, needless to say, the penthouse was even bigger. He saw the pictures of Leslie’s estate, and it was a huge Georgian-style mansion set on an enormous land. Their new home would be smaller than the mansion’s stable. Nevertheless, it would be home, not just any residence. This was a start, their life together, creating home, not building an opulent house to measure up to other people’s expectation.

“If you finished to harass me, can I make you some breakfast tea?” As much as Tony was a coffee person, Brendan was a tea person, with lots of milk and two spoonful of sugar.

“That would be lovely Mr. McKnight.” He nodded in a mocking politeness.

Bernard rolled his eyes.


Bernard became restless, after every session with Dr. Hendey. As soon as he grabbed Tony in private, drove him into rampant series of sex. He wouldn’t say it was vanilla, but it definitely was not their usual scene either. While the sex was great,–it always was with Bernard regardless the sort — sometimes Bernard couldn’t even reach a climax. He would have gotten exhausted, tired, then fell asleep like falling into a coma. Hendey warned him that Bernard would not be a good companion for the duration of counselling and he expected something bad, like falling into depression or hysteria, but certainly, not like this. If Bernard was crying or being angry all the time, he would have dealt better. Bernard, his newly wedded husband, his boy, his heart, was distancing himself to somewhere unreachable to him. Even when his body was deeply buried inside him, he didn’t feel Bernard, but only the flesh.

“My lawyer called today.” Tony sipped his coffee. Bernard was sitting next to Tony, rubbing his groin on his frank not so subtly.

“Uhm?” Bernard’s cock was half hard already, his hands were all over Tony. “Aren’t you going to finish that coffee of yours first?” The hot breath tickled his throat. Clearly Bernard was not listening. He climbed onto Tony’s lap, straddling and rubbing his crotch on Tony’s hard abdomen. His own cock was filling quickly.

“I love the coffee taste on your lips.” Bernard stuck out his tongue, licked Tony’s lips like a cat licking his milk bowl, savoring each lick with the ‘Ummm’ sound. “Soft.” lick, “Nutty.” lick, “Make me want to taste your cum.” He dragged the last bit long, like ‘cuumm.’

Tony yanked his hair back and sank his teeth to the fragile skin there, sucked hard until the blood appeared on the surface and formed a purple mark. Bernard whined in pain. Even in this state of mind, his boy was sexy as fuck. “Our marriage is registered in England as a civil partnership. Your visa will be ready in a few weeks.” He chewed on the sensitive muscle code on Bernard’s neck. A rough moan sounded in his throat.

“Oh, yeah?”

“Yes. Then I will take you there, actually all over Europe. You will like our house in Cane, flat in Champs-Elysees.”

“I can think of a few things that I would like very much doing at right this moment.” He drew circles with the flexible hips. Tony couldn’t help but gasped. He grabbed Bernard’s sinfully seductive ass with the both hands on each cheek and stood as they were. Bernard wrapped Tony’s waist with his legs tightly.

“I don’t mind being fucked over the couch.” He cupped Tony’s face and pushed his lips on his. Tony instantly opened the mouth, sucked on Bernard’s soft tongue. The small whimper from Bernard was unbearably erotic, he wanted to drop him where there were, in the middle of the hallway, and fuck him raw.

“The condoms, boy.” He gently reminded.

“Ah, that. But you know what? I don’t mind. You always wanted to go bare.” Bernard licked his bottom lip and smiled. That put Tony to a halt.

Bernard was the one who’s paranoid of using condoms though they passed several STD and HIV tests. And Tony knew where that paranoia come from and how important that was to Bernard. It was irresistibly tempting to make love to his beloved boy without the rubber between them, come inside of the hot squirming channel, marking him, having him, owning him completely. Gosh! the satisfaction, the gratification, he could taste it on the tip of the tongue. His cock had gotten more stiffened than before.

Tony pushed him to the closest wall and crushed his lips to Bernard’s. Bernard’s damp lips were parted to welcome Tony’s invasion, leaking a needy moan which was swallowed by Tony. Bernard’s legs untangled and touched the floor, but what fixed him where he was without falling was Tony.

Tony’s hand hastily found Bernard’s fly, opened it and grabbed the long and lean but rigid cock.

“Don’t fall.” Then Tony let him go for a second, only to flip him over to face the wall. As Tony yanked his trouser down to his knee, Bernard automatically spreaded his leg as wide as it allowed and stuck out his ass.

“Fuck me Sir, oh please fuck me.” He begged grinding his ass in the air. Tony unbuckled his belt and pulled Bernard’s arms back, tied them with it. Bernard was only bracing himself with the shoulders and the face. Tony slapped Bernard’s ass cheek hard. “Ugh! Thank you sir!” Bernard shouted.

The buzzing on the palm was giving him shivers. He spanked Bernard until his pale skin got rosy and hot. Then he kneaded the cheeks enjoying Bernard’s slutty whines. Then he suddenly wanted to taste his boy and went down on one knee. Spreading the cheeks wide, the pink hole revealed. Bernard know what was coming and willed his body to relax. The tightly closed hole open slowly without Tony doing anything. The scene was too erotic, Tony blew out a big breath to calm his over excited libido. He licked his lips made it wet and closed around the open and waiting hole.

“Fuck, yeah!” Bernard spat the exclamation. Tony sucked it, stuck out his tongue and poked it, breathing deep in his boy’s thick must there. Bernard moved his ass close to Tony’s face, asking for more, stronger stimulation. Tony circled his sandpapery tongue inside the rim.

“Umm.. ah.. That’s soooo goood.” Bernard’s breath had gotten roughened. He pushed his hips back and forth, seeking some attention on his cock as well.

“Ugh! Gosh!” As Tony sucked the hole hard occasionally slapping the hot flesh, Bernard’s knee started wobbling.

“Such a tasty bottom.” Tony wet his middle finger and in a smooth motion, inserted it to the readied and slippery channel.

“Sir! Ahhhh.” Bernard was almost sobbing, squirming widely but couldn’t be able to move much as restrained as he was. His head hung back, shaking. “Fuck me Sir, please fuck me.” He begged again. As Tony curled his finger like a hook, massaged the sweet spot with his rough fingerpad, a high pitched hiss tore out of Bernard’s throat. With the free hand, Tony fiddled on the tightly shrunken sack. Bernard’s precum flowed down the shaft wet Tony’s hand. Moaning and whimpering, Bernard’s legs shook violently. He was close. Tony swept the purple cock roughly up and down, watching Bernard’s hips moving wild, fucked himself to Tony’s finger at the same time fucked into Tony’s fist. His eyes were shut closed creases appeared between the eyes, he constantly chewed on the bottom lip.

“Ahhhgggg!” Bernard’s whole body stopped, got rigid as he reached the summit and exploded. The hot seed covered Tony’s fist, his hole bit his finger tightly. What would he not give to feel this around his bare cock! His dick was literally painful inside his pants. He drew the finger out and let Bernard’s spent cock go after gave a couple of good pumping.

He stood up flipped Bernard over to face him. He licked the hot semen off his hand staring Bernard’s sated and hooded eyes. It was the first time, he tasted Bernard. There was a metallic taste at the back of his throat. And unique taste of Bernard, his. He exaggeratedly swept with his tongue the between the thumb and the forefinger, licked it clean. Then moved to Bernard’s half open mouth and fed him with his own seed. As their kiss was getting deeper, the fluid mixed with their saliva, moved back and forth between them, then finally Bernard swallowed it. His pants were still bunched below his knee, his hands were bound at the back. Tony hadn’t released the bondage. He pulled down Bernard’s pants by stepping on between the legs.

“Step out.” He ordered. Bernard complied without a second of delay. Bernard was looking at him with such awed eyes. Though somehow he forgot to low his eyes, Tony didn’t mind at all. That eyes, full of respect and trust, if not love, were enough for him. How could Bernard said that he wasn’t giving him what he deserved?

“Kneel.” Bernard went down on his knees. Tony expected nothing less. His cock was painfully erected, stretching the fabric tightly, it revealed the broad outline of his shaft. Bernard sneaked a look at Tony touching the nine inches of meat boldly through the pants. Bernard swallowed the excess saliva pooled in his mouth. If he didn’t know better, he wouldn’t have guessed Bernard was ejaculate just now. Benard’s curved cock stirred at his belly button, leaking the precum.

“Keep your eyes down.” Bernard compiled. He was extremely aroused, but the same time, grounded. Nervous, yes. As he kept on licking his lips like it went dry every five seconds or so, but his eyes were stilled, waiting Tony, his Master to give him orders.

Tony Bent down and ran his hand over Bernard’s ass. Taking hold of the left buttock, he squeezed hard, his fingers deep between the cleft, brushing the rim. Bernard shuddered and let out a suppressed moan.

As Tony unzipped the slacks, the soft rush of clothes falling to the ground, being kicked to the side. The black shirt came off after, and Tony folded it over Bernard’s eyes, tied it behind his head.

Tony’s knuckles touched Bernard’s cheek, his thumb at the corner of his lips. A shudder ran through Bernard’s shoulder. His lips naturally parted in response to his master, ready for anything he would dish out for. Tony’s long neglected cock throbbed so hard.

He made sounds of growling need in his throat as Tony fisted a handful of his hair and shoved the fat cock roughly to his mouth. Though it was sudden, and Bernard gagged a bit at the unexpected depth of his invasion, he still reveled in sucking his master’s cock.

Bernard sucked, licked, like his life depended on it, tried as much as he could move with the bondage. Then Tony began to fuck his mouth, tugging his long hair back like a leash.

It pushed Tony nearly over the edge, the wet sound, the weeping escaping from his boy’s throat, the suction noise as Bernard gobbling up the cock.

It was raw and primitive. Bernard rolled the tongue to provide Tony with the maximum pleasure, and they both knew giving Tony pleasure was feeding Bernard’s soul rich. Tony took everything Bernard was capable of giving, fucking his face without reservation. Bernard was doodling his saliva all over the face and neck, but damned either of them gave a shit about it.

Bernard sobbed in his throat, snarled and shoved back against him, gagging, his throat quivered wildly. Tony’s fingers curled in his hair tightening the grip, held him with brutal efficiency as he slapped himself against Bernard’s’ face, hard. Again. And again. Fast, then slowing it down, making Bernard feel every inch of that cock deep inside of his throat, burning down the mask Bernard put on for the last few weeks, leaving the true wounded and self-protective animal in him.

Tony exploded suddenly with a brutal force, fired his hot semen into Bernard’s throat. He never had done that to Bernard before. He always took the cock out just before he came, spouted on Bernards face or chest. Not that it was not nice, but just this, this complete release, watching Bernard devouring the essence of him, filled his soul fat.

He didn’t stop it, he couldn’t. Another orgasm slammed his gut hard, his lower belly contracted, a roar tore out his throat, his hands crushed Bernard’s face into his groin. Bernard was gagging, but he didn’t pull out. After Bernard got the gagging under control, resumed sucking the living daylight out of him, swallowed until the last drop of the cum left the shaft.

As soon as Tony got his breath back, looked down at him. Bernard’s untouched cock was covered with a cloudy liquid.

“You came sucking me.”

Bernard met the gaze for a second before lower down the eyes again. “I’m sorry Sir, for coming without permission.”

Pride swell his chest, contracted his heart. He went down on his one knee, untied the bondage, cupped Bernard’s beautiful face with his two hands.

“Look at me.”

Bernard’s fiercely green eyes met his. The way Bernard looked at him made him feel like ten feet tall. There was no gap for a doubt that Bernard respected him with his whole body and heart. His swollen heart reached out for Bernard. His boy, his family, his husband, just his.

“I love you.” The word just overflowed before he knew it. He pressed a kiss on Bernard’s forehead. He felt Bernard’s strong purse on his wet lips. The kiss was tentative, innocent and full of emotion. When he tore himself off, he found Bernard’s confused expression. His green eyes wavered with some unnameable emotion. He opened his mouth as he had something to tell him, but soon shut it, then tried again, stopped again.

“I…., I mean, ” After the third try, Tony understood what it was.

“You don’t need to say anything.” He shook his head.

“Fuck! Why? Why Tony? How?” The desperate cry echoed in the hallway. Tony crushed his body into his chest.

“You give me everything I need.” Tony wrapped his arm around the propound shoulders tightly. When he held Bernard, the world had become whole, complete.

“I’m fucked up.” Bernard’s murmured dryly. “I am so fucked up.”

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  1. Love it!!! <3
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