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Stolen Time – Epilogue


Once he set his mind to it, it actually wasn’t such a hardship to find where they rest Jacob. Surprisingly it was Mandy who helped him to find out. She still had a close relationship with their high school friends.

It was a bright day. The sun was too strong for his pale and thin skin. For a long while,  Bernard just tentatively brushed Jacob’s headstone as he had done Jacob’s short hair after their frantic ER trips too many times to count.

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Stolen Time – Chapter 18

“I hear this voice in my head.” Bernard broke the silence and finally started to talk. It was barely a murmur; nonetheless, Hendey heard it.

It had been the 15th session with Dr. Hendey. They both knew that, during the last 14 sessions, they hadn’t made any progress. They talked about how Bernard was brought up, his career, relationship with Tony, how he found the marriage life, and that was all. But never had gone down to where actually needed to be through.

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Stolen Time – Chapter 17

At some point, I have felt terribly awkward for displaying a very rough first draft online( in semi-public). It was like going to a fancy dinner restaurant without putting a decent make-up.

Then I thought today, oh well, fuckit, I own the restaurant. ( without the fancy part :P)



Tony and Bernard spent Christmas with Liz and Philip in Cape Town. They owned a villa in Clifton, the most exclusive area in the province. While they stayed there, Bernard saw at least a handful of celebrities on the beach. It was surreal that he was staying with one of them as a family member.

Philip cooked a turkey and him and Tony made a cranberry pie. Liz was surprised at Tony presenting himself  in the kitchen at all. Apparently she never had seen him being domestic during the time they were together.

There was endless champagne, which they much enjoyed every drop. It was private and quiet as the last thing all of them wanted was some random tourist taking pictures of them and uploaded to internet or something. They stayed at the villa during the day, walked on the beach at nights. The water was too cold to swim in, unless you wore a wetsuit. That’s Cape Town for you, beautiful to look, viciously cold underneath.

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